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An open letter to February 2015

An open letter to February 2015

Dear February 2015,

February Weather

I spent way too much time looking at this lately.

I’m sure it’s not easy being the shortest month (even when you sneak in those Leap Years), but just because you have some weird Julian/Napoleon complex doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us. Overall, I would say Buffalo, NY is pretty cool about winter. At Dash Dog Running, we typically don’t bat an eye too much at the cold weather. In fact, our pups usually love romping through the snow. But not this month. No, sir.

For the safety of our dogs and runners, we typically start canceling running appointments when it drops below 15°, depending on wind chill. So when it’s the coldest February on record and the average – AVERAGE – temperature for the month is around 11°, you’ve made it nearly impossible to get our runs in for weeks now.

So with all my extra free time, I’ve put together a top-10 list of the things I’ve learned (or relearned) this month, thanks to you.

  1. I learned that I’m not a very happy couch potato. I’m don’t have a gym membership and maintain a hate/hate relationship with treadmills, so not being able to run outside means no running at all. And guess what? My energy, mood, sleep, productivity, and overall well-being all went downhill.
  2. I learned that my pups go crazy when they don’t exercise. I love working from home, but my dogs and I have spent way too much time cooped up inside lately. Noki has so much pent-up energy, she started chewing things around the house again – something she hasn’t done since she was a 8-months old. Meanwhile, Maddie is over feeling like a rat in a maze in the path I shoveled for her in the backyard.
  3. I learned that when it’s too cold for a Husky, it’s just too cold. Maybe it’s because she’s getting to be an old lady, but I’ve NEVER seen Noki run outside into the snow and immediately run back inside. It’s like watching Superman’s first encounter with kryptonite.
  4. I learned that my dog runners are awesome. Even though we didn’t get too many appointments in this month, I couldn’t be prouder of my team for the runs we did complete. They braved not-so-fun elements and rearranged schedules to take advantage of the mere hours you’d allow the weather to be reasonable.
  5. I learned that my clients are the best. You know how many people gave us a hard time for missing appointments? Zero. I don’t know if they all took pity on us for having to wear 18 layers, or were just concerned about safety, but either way, I thank everyone for their patience.
  6. I learned that I need to invest in new winter running gear. Most of my running clothes date back to when George W. Bush was President. When the wind chill is in the single digits, the last thing you want is holes in your running pants. Also, apologies to my wife for stealing her best gloves, headlamp, and who knows what else.
  7. I learned that no one enforces snow removal laws. Sorry, but Buffalo will never be know as the “City of Good Neighbors With Clean Sidewalks.” Shovels, people – please learn how to use them.
  8. I learned that it’s sad when 20 degrees feels “warm.” It’s just not right. When it reached nearly 30° on February 7, I saw three different people walking around in shorts.
  9. I learned what roof ice jams are capable of. Wish I could have skipped that lesson.
  10. I learned how much I look forward to March.

In conclusion, even though this month was unexpectedly insightful, I think I speak for everyone in Buffalo (and the east coast, for that matter), when I say, “Good riddance.” Please think about that over the next 11 months.



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